Molding a Marketing Mind Set

When you are getting started in the real estate business, putting a marketing plan in place is going to be one of your first priorities. This will be the main thing that will separate you from your competition.

Don’t be afraid to do what those around you will not. Dare to be different and consistent in your marketing efforts and the results will be amazing. Niche your marketing and become an expert in your market place. Become educated within your market place so you know your property values and your target market.

Next, figure out what your marketing budget is and which marketing strategies will reach the highest number of sellers within your budget. For example, it may be signage, business cards, direct mail, flyers, ads, or a combination of these. You should always have between three and five marketing strategies in place at any given time so you are reaching the largest segment of your market in a variety of ways.

Be aware of the special problems of your market. Are there a lot of layoffs? Are there a lot of folks who are part time residents? Is yours a very high end market with a lot of luxury homes? Discover these special differences and market directly to them. Figure out what it is that everyone before you has done and do it differently. For example, in my market almost no one does direct mail on a consistent basis, so I have made this my personal niche. By doing this, there is virtually no competition for properties whatsoever.

Set specific goals for your business and strive to meet those goals each and every day. By doing this, you are planting seeds of success for today and for your future. For everything you need to know about locating motivated sellers, visit us at

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