Working With Your Spouse or Partner

Having a spouse or a partner involved with you in your real estate business can be a real asset provided you follow some specific guidelines. Having the support of another person in your business is definitely going to be a big help whether or not they are directly involved in the business.

If you have a spouse or a partner who is interested in being involved in the business with you, there are some specific rules I would suggest you follow. The first of those is to formulate a plan as to who is going to do what. The best way to do this is to decide the strong points of each person and let them handle that part of the business. For example, in my personal business, my husband handles the tenants and the contractors since he is “tougher” than I am. I handle everything having to do with paperwork and finances because those are my strong points. Then leave the other person to do their jobs without interfering.

We also take time to have a “meeting of the minds” once a week.This gives us the opportunity to get caught up on what each of us is working on. That way both people know exactly what is going on with the business.

Working together can be a real opportunity for your business to grow. It takes team work and a sense of trust for two people to work together in a business. One person can’t do it all. Define what your jobs are going to be and let your spouse or partner be the best they can be at those jobs they choose.

Be willing to jump in and help when one or the other of you is feeling overwhelmed. But also make sure you leave time for yourselves that is not business related. You can get to a point where everything you do revolves around your business. Make sure you leave yourself time for other activities. This will allow both of you to be the best you can be for each other and for your business! For more information on working as team, visit us at

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