Kathy Kennebrook discusses Heeding Advice from Open Forums and Chat Boards

We have had some feed back from folks who have read various negative posts regarding educational materials on various forums. My comment regarding this subject is simple-

Be very wary of what you read on these boards and on the internet in general. Generally speaking these boards are not policed for validity or content. Many of the folks who post these comments are not who they represent themselves to be and many have never done a real estate deal.

The folks who are legitimately using educational materials and doing real estate deals do not have time to make comments on these boards, they are too busy doing the business. Most of the folks on these boards are the nay sayers and the “wanna bes” who have no idea what the real estate business is all about.

If you are truly interested in learning about a specific product, go to the web site of the person who is selling that product for more information. Most of the speakers have testimonials posted that you can look at and read. Speak to folks in your local real estate clubs to find out from folks doing the business what works and what doesn’t. When you go to seminars you will have the opportunity to meet the folks selling products and be able to assess their value for yourself. Don’t let a few negative people impact the success of your business!!

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