Kathy Kennebrook Dares You To Be Different in Your Approach to Finding Motivated Sellers

Folks often ask me what the best way to find motivated sellers is. My response is to do that which your competition will not. Dare to be different. Ron LeGrand once said “If you were arrested for being a real estate investor would there be enough evidence to convict you? ” I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

Don’t be afraid to use florescent orange or pink business cards or post cards to attract sellers. Use t-shirts in your business and wear them all the time. We even had a t-shirt made for our German Shepard dog. When we take him for a walk people know what we do for a living. “Wrap” your vehicle in signage and be sure to include a web site address. Implement several different ways to attract sellers since you will need to reach your market in a variety of ways.

Don’t be worried about people who make comments about you. You are the one who will get to giggle all the way to the bank with the profits from your real estate deals. Throw cards out into the bleachers when your children’s team scores a point. Give business cards to everyone you deal with on a daily basis. Write an article on real estate and submit it to your local newspaper.

There are lots of great ways for you to stand out in your business. Don’t be afraid to be different. Different gets attention and that’s what you want, to get the attention of sellers who need your services.

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