How Kathy Kennebrook Uses Ugly Houses to Make a Fortune in the Real Estate Business

One of the best ways I know to take your business to the next level is to find the really motivated sellers. One of the easiest types of properties to find are ugly houses and these are some of the most highly motivated sellers once you locate them.There are lots of great ways to find ugly houses. One of the easiest ways I know is to find them during your travels when you are driving. I’ll bet you pass bunches of them everyday, you just have to take the blinders off to see them. These are the houses that have high grass, no mail box, broken windows, papers everywhere and no car in the driveway. Copy down the addresses and follow them up later. Another way to find these ugly houses is to simply enlist the help of “bird dogs”. These are folks who will help you find the ugly houses, like family and friends. They probably drive a different route than you do each day and therefore they will find ugly houses you would never see.

You can also enlist the help of a realtor to help you find ugly houses. They usually have some listed, and if they know you are looking for ugly houses, when they get a listing for a house that fits your criteria, they will call you first, which means no competition for the property.

One way I like to find ugly houses is to enlist the help of local code enforcement. They are the ones who “tag” houses for a variety of reasons. They want to see their neighborhoods improved as much as you do so they are generally willing to help you by telling you what’s wrong with the house and how to find the owner.

Another great way to find ugly houses is to use direct mail. You can do a mailing targeted at middle to lower income areas since there seem to be a higher number of ugly houses in these areas. Then let the sellers contact you!

There are several ways to find the owners of ugly vacant houses. One way is to simply look them up on public record. Remember that the harder they are to find, the better deal you’re going to make! If that doesn’t work, go talk to the neighbors. They will tell you whatever you need to know if they think there is a chance of making the “eyesore” go away. Another way to find the owners of these properties is to use a skip tracer or a private detective. Whichever method you choose to employ, get the job done!! These are deals just waiting to be made!!

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