Kathy Kennebrook Uses Pretty Houses to Make a Fortune in the Real Estate Business

Finding the owners of pretty houses who need to sell is one of my favorite ways to make money in the real estate business quickly and easily. There are lots of great ways to do this.One of the ways I find pretty houses in “distress” is to simply look for them at the same time I am looking for vacant ugly houses. They will still have high grass and closed curtains and mail loaded up in the mail box just like the ugly ones. One of the best ways to find these houses is to do it on the weekend when people are home. This makes it so much easier to spot a vacant house, and you can stop and talk to neighbors when you find one. Another way to find pretty houses is to simply put signs at the entrances and exits to subdivisions you want to buy in or at subdivisions where you know there are pre-foreclosures.

I put signage and flyers door to door in newer subdivisions that have built in the last two years. My thinking is that folks move into these homes and then realize they got into more than they could afford or they are being transferred somewhere else for work. We have definitely bought a few houses this way. Usually these folks will simply deed you the property.

I also mail to out of state owners. These are the folks who live in a property only part-time. Sometimes they just get tired of making the trip and keeping up the maintenance on the home for whatever reason and they are ready to sell. There are good deals to be made with these properties.

You can also hire someone to lay flyers door to door in neighborhoods you want to buy in. The sooner you can get your marketing into someone else’s hands, the more money you can make in this business. We also have friends and family members who have our signage on their vehicles. This is a good way to reach market areas you wouldn’t otherwise. These folks travel to different places than you would and your signage will get seen by people who need to sell. This has continuously been a good source of leads for us.

I also solicit companies who work with people needing to sell their homes, like moving companies, carpet cleaners, storage companies and attorneys. We offer to pay them a fee if they find us a home that we buy. These are people are in the public working with folks who need to sell on a daily basis.

For more information on finding motivated sellers of pretty houses visit me at marketingmagiclady.com

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