Following Up With Sellers In Your Real Estate Investing Business Will Make You Millions! By Kathy Kennebrook

Yesterday Jim Ingersoll made an important comment that I’d like to follow up on. The most important “f” word in real estate……follow up follow up follow up. Since I track everything in my real estate investing business I know that following up with semi motivated sellers accounts for about 40 percent of the total deals we do.

I mean think about it for a second….you already spent the marketing dollars to put this person in your pipeline, why would you throw a potential deal away just because your initial offer got refused or the seller didn’t contact you back right away? Your seller’s situation will change with time so we always follow up using residual mailings or an auto responder system until they sell to us or tell us to go away.

When a seller says something like “gee I’m not sure I’m ready to sell” or “are you crazy? I can’t take that offer” all they are really saying is “no not today but could you follow up with me until I change my mind?” This one minor tweak in your real estate investing business will up your income considerably!!! I have lots of great information on my website about how to build a follow up system for your real estate investing business, it’s fairly easy to implement.

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