Holiday Sale 20% Website Sale

This has once again been a wonderful year for me and for my business. I am especially grateful to you, my students, customers and friends for your ongoing support. It is truly a blessing and an honor to know how many of you find value in what I do, and how many of you I have come to know and can count as friends.

The success letters I have received from so many of you this year continue to be an inspiration and a blessing to me. I will say that within my now lengthy career as a teacher and as a Real Estate Entrepreneur, I have been encouraged and inspired by each and every one of you who has taken the time to learn, move forward and reach for goals most people will never realize in their life time.

I would like to continue to have that opportunity by introducing to you some new Tools for your Real Estate business with a special Holiday Appreciation Offer just for you! I have created some very special tools during the last years for you to use to attract even more motivated sellers and buyers for your Real Estate Investing business and some other investment tools you might be interested in.

So in keeping with the Holiday Spirit: I am offering you a very special Holiday Discount of Twenty Percent (20%) off on any of the products listed on my website at All you have to do is use Coupon Code “Merry” when you check out. Offer expires on December 31st so grab your real estate tools now and get your New Year off to a profitable start!!!

I had awesome coaching calls with my students last night. I love Monday nights!

My Husband Jay is now handling the rehab portion of the coaching so my students had bonus calls last night with him which was a bonus for them. They were super stoked.

I also just had two students finish my 6 month coaching program so I now have two spots open. If you want to take your real estate investing business into high gear going into 2020 you need to message me privately immediately. My students are doing a ton of deals and These coaching spots fill up FAST.

Since I am the one working one on one with my students, I do not pawn my students off on coaches who have never done a deal as many other “gurus” do. Jump on board today since I only have the two spots open right now!!

Kathy’s Update on Coaching

I am really looking forward to coaching calls tonight and tomorrow night. Our focus will be finishing out the deals we are working on for this year and fine tuning my students business plans for 2020. I couldn’t be more excited.

For all the information you need on my coaching, check out my website at or call the office directly at 941-792-5390

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My latest Kindle Book is available on Amazon..Your Personal Path to Prosperity by Kathy Kennebrook. It is an information packed reference guide for the real estate investor. Grab your copy today!!!!