Add Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic Spanish Upgrade To Your Marketing Plan and Find Even More Deals!

So many of you have been asking me if I have a Spanish Marketing product that you can add to your Marketing Magic System to find even more sellers that your competitors don’t know about that I decided to make this very special offer just for you!!

I am offering my Marketing Magic Spanish Upgrade to you at a Very Special Spring Discount of $200 off the sale price of $695.00 making your cost only $495.00 for this amazing System!!! Simply go to my website at and use Promo Code “Spring” to get your Special Discount on my Marketing Magic Spanish Upgrade.

This is the one and only Forms Manual for marketing to Spanish Speaking Sellers. I professionally translated all of the Marketing pieces in my Marketing Magic Systems to Spanish. This has never been done by any other “Guru”. This Marketing Product was translated professionally in order to address all of the dialect differences in the Spanish language so every Spanish Speaking Seller can read and understand your message.

I developed this product to help you to market to a whole new set of motivated sellers that none of your competitors are able to! So you have this market all to yourself!!

This Spanish Marketing System includes: 1.All of the letters in Marketing Magic and Marketing Magic II including Pre-foreclosure 2.All of the Business Card Samples, Flyer Designs and Verbiage, plus T-shirt Designs 3.All of the Signage samples for Yard Signs, Vehicle Signage, Door Hangers and Banners 4.Sample Newspaper Ads, Post Cards and Advertorials 5.All of the Telephone Scripts for all 12 of the Direct Mail campaigns 6.The entire Calling On Ads campaign including the Telephone Scripts for calling on Homes for Rent and Homes for Sale 7.The Tenant Referral Letter for the tenant referral program 8.Complete directions on how to use this system even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish.

You Don’t Speak Spanish?? No Worries! I have made this system incredibly easy for you to use! Throughout the entire manual all of the marketing pieces are labeled as to what they are in case you don’t read Spanish. I have also included copies of all the pieces in the manual in English and in Spanish on opposing pages so you know exactly what you’re looking at! I have also written a section explaining exactly how to use this product and work with Spanish Speaking Sellers all the way to the closing table even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish. This is a system I use in my office every single day! In addition….I included a Forms CD with all of the marketing pieces both in English and in Spanish. All you have to do is change your information, print them and you’re on your way!! I even explain how you can locate translators to work with you in your business even if you don’t speak Spanish!

Purchase yours NOW for the special price of only $495.00. This is a savings of $402.00 on the retail system price of $897.00. I am offering this special price to YOU for a very limited time since you are one of my valued students and already own my Marketing Magic System or you are a Marketing Magic customer! This system will NEVER AGAIN be offered at this low price, so take advantage of this special offer NOW while they last!

I am even including a special Bonus Just For You!I developed a 24 hour recorded message that you can download to your voice mail in Spanish! This is a $99.00 value I will give you absolutely FREE if you order immediately! Consider this my personal gift to you! If you would like to add this very special system to your Real Estate Investing Business to enable you to buy and sell even more properties to a larger seller base then just go to my website at and use promo code “Spring” to get your special discount on this wonderful tool.

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Following Up With Sellers In Your Real Estate Investing Business Will Make You Millions

Let me ask you a question; are you properly managing your prospects? Are you taking the time to follow up with the sellers who didn’t initially accept your offers, or the sellers you still need to make offers to? Did you know that you are leaving thousands of dollars in potential income behind if you aren’t following up with sellers?

One of the easiest ways to make a fortune in the real estate business and gain the advantage over your competition is to take the time to follow up with motivated and semi-motivated sellers. You’ve already got the seller in your pipeline, you’ve already done the marketing and spent the money to find this person, now all you need to do is to follow up with them until they either sell you their property or tell you to go away. How much simpler could it be?

There are two types of sellers we are going to follow up with, those we’ve already made offers to who haven’t accepted our offer and those who have not made any decision after our initial contact with them. Quite often, you will need to make multiple contacts with sellers before their situation changes and dictates that they sell their property to you. If you stay in touch with these sellers, you build credibility with them and when it comes time to sell they will contact you first, even if they have been contacted by someone else in the meantime. There are a lot of investors in the market these days, and most of them have a very limited knowledge of how the whole follow-up process works, not to mention the inability to create successful deals. What they don’t realize is that many of the sellers you will be dealing with have a variety of problems they aren’t sure how to solve until they are contacted by you.

Some of those may include divorce situations, estates or health issues where there may be emotions tied to the property. With these sellers it may take a little longer before they make that final decision to sell. Most of your competitors will simply throw these potential deals in the trash when they don’t get the property under contract after the initial contact or offer is made. I have made deals many months after the initial contact with the seller was made simply because I took the time to follow up. Not only did I build credibility with the seller, but now they like me better and trust me more than the next investor who may come along. These are the types of sellers I will place in my follow-up system and follow up with at least every thirty to sixty days if not more often.

I have made thousands of dollars on deals other investors would simply have thrown in the trash because I took the time to follow up with a semi-motivated seller. Probably half of the deals I do in a typical year come from following up with these sellers.

In addition, with the help of a fellow investor who is also a software developer, I now have an incredible software system that does all the work for me. It reminds me when I need to do my direct mail campaigns, it reminds me when to follow up with sellers, it has a section to track potential buyers and build a buyer’s list, and it keeps all the information on the properties stored including a photo. The software program is called realprospect software and you can find it on my website at

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Being Successful in Your Real Estate Investing Business

I have been seeing so many negative or political posts on all of my social media sites lately. Can I give all of my friends some advice? Turn off the TV, stop reading the newsfeeds and half of the posts on facebook and other social media sites and get out there and do what makes you happiest and most successful! In other words follow your bliss!

The only thing that is guaranteed is today, everything else is iffy at best so enjoy the right now to it’s very fullest! In my real estate investing business I pay very little attention to anything that is going on anywhere but in the market I work in. All the rest of it just doesn’t really matter. What is so critical and important today will be a memory in a week, a month or a year. So get out there, do what you do best and let the rest roll off your shoulders. Make it a great day!

And for all the information you need on growing your real estate investing business be sure and visit my website at

Refining Your Marketing To Motivated Sellers For The Real Estate Investor

One question I get from real estate investors a lot is “How do I figure out what kind of sellers and what kind of deals there are in my area?” The first step that you need to take is to find out what your real estate market is doing. Are there a lot of pre-foreclosures? Do you live near a military base where a lot of people are being transferred? Are you in an area where there are a lot of ugly houses you can purchase inexpensively and then wholesale? Do you live in an area where there are a lot of vacation homes? Do you live in an area where there are a lot of senior home owners? Have you run demographics to find out what kind of income levels there are within your market area? Is the market slow and are there a lot of houses for sale? Or are homes selling fairly quickly?

Figuring out your demographic is the first step to creating a successful marketing campaign to locate profitable deals. And one of those marketing techniques needs to be very targeted direct mail marketing in order to reach that part of your demographic that other investors simply are not. Marketing to your specific demographic is crucial to creating successful marketing campaigns and creating very profitable deals where you live.

For all the information you need on creating profitable deals within your demographic check out my website at I have awesome products to help you create very successful campaigns to locate all the deals you need!

Do The Thing You Love And You Will Never Work A Day In Your Life By Kathy Kennebrook

I am often asked ” If you are making so much money doing real estate why are you out teaching?” Well the answer is simple. First of all if you are doing the things you love in life then you will never work a day in your life. We went into real estate investing almsot 20 years ago now and we have been semi retired ever since.

Our systems are automated so our real estate investing business runs pretty much without us. And we have 4 four other businesses besides real estate investing and all of them are on “auto pilot” I also love teaching other folks how to do what we do so well so they can experience the same kind of freedom we experience in our own lives. If you find the thing you love to do in your life and then build a successful business around it you will never have to work a day in your life.  Take the time to build systems around your business so that it runs without you. We are able to travel and do the things we want to do,  and that is pretty wonderful!

For all the information you need about building systems in your real estate investing business, check out my website at