New Ideas for The Real Estate Investor to Buy and Lease Vacant Land

I know that many of you are real estate investors who are investing in vacant land like I do and like I teach real estate investors how to do. My students get periodic emails from me with new resources for advertising and list brokers and new ideas for buying, selling or leasing vacant land.

Here are a couple of new ideas we have implemented recently . One of the ways I lease vacant is to do “temporary leases” These are usually 30 to 90 day leases. They include leasing vacant land to Fireworks Vendors, Vegetable, fruit and plant stands and believe it or not small carnivals.

We just did a lease recently with a small carnival type business. They have a drive thru area of booths that have all kinds of carnival food for sale, it’s kind of cool. They are responsible for their own permits so that’s no problem for you and they are self contained so no water or electric to worry about.

Folks if you are buying vacant land you need to give serious thought to the idea of leasing for long term profits! I am running a super special on my Vacant Land Gold System. If you go to my website at and use coupon code “vacant” you will get $200 off the on sale price so grab a copy now and make a huge difference in your vacant land business!

Kathy Kennebrook’s Real Estate Investing Students Are Doing Deals With Highly Motivated Sellers

I just got a really awesome email from one of my students. Son just did his first deal by implementing my marketing system, working with a motivated seller and he just did his first wholesale deal using my techniques.

He is from Oklahoma City, he put the house under contract for $10,000 and wholesaled it for $14,000. Not a huge wholesale but he got his first deal done and it paid for my Marketing magic System and some extra profits also. He has other motivated sellers he is working with so I imagine his next deal will be coming soon!

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Are You As A Real Estate Investor Doing Deals With Motivated Sellers In The Current Market?

If you are a real estate investor, are you out there buying houses or multi-family units or vacant land? The deals are out there!!!

I and my students all over the country are doing deals, this is a fantastic market to find off market deals using targeted direct mail marketing and other types of marketing to locate these deals.

I have done 3 more deals myself in the last week. One multi family, one piece of vacant land and one single family home. Did someone say diversity??? Absolutely!! My students get this concept and my coaching students are finding all kinds of profitable deals out there right now.

The more types of deals you know how to do, the more deals you will do!! Right now property tax bills are going out in a lot of areas so that is just creating even more deals from sellers who just got another tax bill they do not want to pay. Maybe they own a vacation home, a place to retire to or something they bought for long term income or better yet something they inherited and do not want!! These are some of the very best deals out there to be created with motivated sellers by you the real estate investor

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An Update on Real Estate Investing In Florida and Other Markets

I am in between coaching calls tonight so I only have a few minutes to write this post. My students are getting a crazy number of leads just like I am in their real estate investing businesses.

I am working with coaching students and we are writing some offers tonight. I am personally still working with the lady on the nine houses from last week and I have gotten two more very motivated sellers who contacted me, one on Saturday and one yesterday. I don’t know if it’s just Florida but this is crazy!!!

Life is really good right now for the real estate investors or maybe it’s just really effective targeted direct mail along with other strategies that I and my students use to find really quality profitable deals!! Whatever it is, this is one of the best markets I have worked in.

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