Burdensome 1099 Requirements For Landlords and Business Owners Repealed!

Al Aiello
Kathy Kennebrook is so excited about this news that she had to share it with you right away!!

This ridiculous idiotic law would have required landlords and business owners to file 1099’s for payments of goods or services $600 or more to EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER (except tax-exempt organizations). This would have included – Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Orkin, Ace Hardware (or your local hardware), CPA’s, vendors, suppliers, construction companies, even if they are corporations (or LLC’s) and even if they are big corporations!

Good news – as a result of vigorous and vociferous protests from business groups – these knuckleheads in congress did listen and we are back to the way it was before. That is, no 1099’s to corporations or LLC’s. However, payments of $600 or more to unincorporated businesses or individuals still require the filing of 1099’s. (TIP: If you are paying an unincorporated business or individual on a continuing basis, get then to incorporate or LLC so you do not have to file a 1099 for over-$600 payments).
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