Investing in Commercial Real Estate by Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy Kennebrook does invest in commercial real estate to a small degree. The way she does this is by investing in multi-unit properties such as apartment complexes. While it makes a lot of sense to invest in commercial buildings, Kathy Kennebrook does not invest in commercial buildings or lots.

There are several reasons for this. While commercial buildings obviously mean bigger paychecks, in our current economy they also mean a lot more carrying costs and less cash flow unless you are able to turn them quickly. To be really successful in commercial real estate, you really need to be an expert and invest a lot of time in these properties. In fact Kathy Kennebrook knows of several investors who are “stuck” with commercial properties they can’t move in the current market.

Now Kathy does like to invest in storage units and small apartment complexes since these are much easier to manage and the cash flow is greater even in a depressed economy. Plus you end up with several rental units in the same location which makes managing them much easier and the cash flow even greater.

With storage units the “eviction” process is much easier and with small apartment complexes, even if you have one or two units empty the rest will carry your payments and continue to cash flow. To Kathy’s way of thinking this makes perfect sense.

While Kathy Kennebrook does not currently own any storage units, she has in the past and these buildings create really great cash flow and are very easy to manage, so if you are interested in commercial real estate this might be the way for you to go. Kathy Kennebrook’s greatest love still continues to be single family homes since everyone needs a place to live and these properties offer excellent long term benefits. Kathy currently lives in a smaller community and there just aren’t that many storage units or apartment complexes available for sale so Kathy is working primarily in the single family home market.

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