Build Your Dream Team And Explode Your Business!!

So one of the questions I have been getting a lot recently is how to put your dream team together. Interestingly I am currently writing a new system on this exact subject.

All of the functions of our business are outsourced locally ( or in the US) from the marketing to find the deals to the closings when we buy and sell and everything in between including our bookkeeping and taxes and IT services.

This is so important to your success in any business you choose to be in. The more mundane chores you are doing every day the less money you are making. If a function you are doing in your business isn’t directly related to your income then someone else should be doing it.

For example I do speak to motivated sellers and put deals together. However when they respond to my marketing pieces the deal is already pre-screened for me because that’s how I built my marketing system. I already have virtually all of the information I need to create the offer. This also makes it a lot easier when you are working with potential sellers.

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Kathy Kennebrooks Update on Her Coaching Students!!

It’s Monday again and I am looking forward to awesome calls with my coaching students tonight! We are getting deals done! I am so proud of the folks who stepped up and decided to take their business to the next level. They motivate me as much as I motivate them!

For example based on lead sheets I have gotten this week David and I will be calling a seller and finalizing a deal for him. I am so excited to see him succeed with this deal. He is planning on adding it to his long term income stream by either renting or creating an Air B & B scenario. We will see how this one shakes out.

Susan had her first closing this week on a piece of vacant land she acquired. This one is also going to be super profitable for her. She bought it from an estate (these are almost always motivated sellers) using a direct mail campaign she learned from me. I think she is going to contact a home builder or Manufactured home dealer in her area to sell this one since it already has most of the utilities. I am jealous, this one is going to be a super short, profitable deal for her. And she is just getting her feet wet with vacant land deals.

I work with my students on whatever types of deals they would like to do and helping them learn how to structure not only their deals but their businesses as well. So both of these coaching students are also in the process of building their long term dream teams for their real estate investing businesses.

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Are You Ready To Retire From Real Estate Investing ???

So at a recent family function I was asked how come we have not retired yet. A good question considering I am really close to what a traditional retirement age would be. We consider ourselves semi-retired and we have been for a long time now. But when we get to take an ugly house, turn it into something beautiful and then a first time home buyer falls in love with what we have done, there is just something so heady about that. And I won’t complain about the profits on those deals either.

And when I step into a room full of investors hungry for ways to propel their business to another level or new investors just getting started and I get to share with them and help them grow……well there is something really heady about that too.

And when I help a coaching student do their very first deal or their 100th deal and they are doing it for the financial future of their families there is something really wonderful about that too.

The best part about real estate investing for me has been the opportunity to do something I really love and have the time and the money frankly to do all the other things I really love like traveling and watching my grand kids grow up. So the answer I guess is that I am just not ready to fully retire. Will I ever be? I kind of doubt it. There are just so many new adventures in this business every single day.

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Make Sure You Pre-Qualify Your Tenants Before You Move Them Into Your Property

For those of you who are landlords just a friendly reminder. Always always run your prospective tenant through tenant check or check public records before you rent to them no matter how good the application looks. It’s much easier to rent a place than try to get a bad tenant out.

I just got an application for one of my units mailed in to my office. Tenant wrote on the application that he has the full years rent up front. I do not look at that as a good thing, it raises all kinds of red flags for me. And I was right. I looked him up in county records just for starters, I stopped at three pages of criminal activity.

When I stopped chuckling I put his application and his check into an envelope and mailed it back to him. Obviously he cannot follow directions either. The bottom of all of my ads say in bold type “NO Evictions or Convictions need apply”

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