When Closing on the Sale of a Property Check Your Documents!!!

So with closings coming up the first of the week, I want to remind you again that you need to really scrutinize your HUDs before closing on the purchase or sale of a property. I found several mistakes on the HUD on the sale of a property we close on first of next week. Total amount of errors was over $4,200!! On the sale of a property you need to check to make sure that payoffs are correct, that per diem items like taxes are correct and that the realtor fees are correct. Then double check title fees and doc stamp fees, recording and insurance costs if there are any. It’s a lot more difficult to correct an error after closing than before a closing!! I haven’t seen the HUD yet on our other closing.

When you are at the closing table be sure to check addresses and spelling on the Warantee Deed and other documents and make sure the Tax Id number is correct on the 1099 that will be submitted to IRS.

These are all items that need to be checked to ensure a successful closing. For all the information you need on finding more deals for your real estate investing business be sure and check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com While you are there be sure and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter!!

Kathy Kennebrook’s Very Special Offer Through Her E-Bay Store on Her Vacant Land Gold System

I am offering just one of my Vacant Land Gold Systems with this Special Offer on E-Bay. This is a brand new updated copy with all the letters, forms, contracts and disclosures on Thumb Drive. This item will ship from Kathy Kennebrook’s office.

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How to Profit From Vacant Land Deals With Kathy Kennebrook and Julie Houston with Fuller Wallet Media!

In case you missed it, here is the amazing Podcast I just did with Julie Houston from Fuller Wallet Media on How to Make Big Profits Buying Selling and Leasing Vacant Land. This is an untouched market for most investors!!!

Check Out the Amazing Podcast-Buying, Selling and Leasing Vacant Land From a Woman’s Point of View!!

Here is the amazing, information packed Podcast I just did with Julie Houston from Fuller Wallets Media on investing in vacant land from the woman’s point of view. We shared some innovative techniques for buying, selling and leasing vacant land. Check it out!!!

Finding Deals With Motivated Sellers For Your Real Estate Investing Business

I am sincerely enjoying all the crazy marketing techniques folks are using to find motivated sellers, it all just drives more sellers to me from my very targeted, very personal direct mail campaigns. I am having lots of sellers telling me they are tired of all the calls and text messages (most of which are not even proper English). They are also really tired of all the impersonal post cards they are getting. I am also seeing some very generic mailings in my own mailbox. One guy wanted to buy my PO Box. Too funny, where are they getting these lists??

And I have also seen folks sending out thousands of these generic mailings every month. What a waste of good marketing dollars!!! I usually mail a total of about 1,000 letters per month to highly targeted sellers using highly targeted letters and lists to create all the deals we need in our business. I also include a response area within the letter so that when the seller response hits my desk I have most of the info I need in order to make the deal. That’s the way you run a successful real estate investing business.

I have created a System with all the letters, all the list brokers and all of the automation on USB. Folks for all the information you need to create successful marketing to find highly motivated sellers none of your competitors know about, and effectively use your marketing dollars check out my web page at


All of the letters, resources, companies to do your mailings, Ad copy and examples of other marketing techniques are on USB which is also included with my System. When you use coupon code “magic” you will get 15% off your purchase price until September 1, 2022 so grab your copy now!!