Kathy Kennebrook Event In Tampa Florida September 18th

If you are going to be in the Tampa Bay area on Wednesday be sure and join Kathy Kennebrook and Patrick Ruddell at Tampa Bay Reia Wednesday evening Sept. 18th in Tampa Fl. at the IHOP at 408 E Bears Ave at 7:00 pm!! Kathy Kennebrook will be showing folks how to find all the highly motivated sellers buyers and lenders they need for their real estate investing biz!!! She will be talking about using direct mail to target very specific types of sellers and potential lenders and lots of other unusual techniques for finding more sellers than ever before!! Meeting starts at 7 pm. Location is at the IHOP at 408 E Bears Ave in Tampa. Kathy Kennebrook is looking forward to seeing you there. Since Tampa Bay is her backyard she knows this market better than Anyone and Kathy is looking forward to sharing everything she knows with all of you!! AND….Patrick Ruddell who is hosting the meeting is going to allow non-members to attend FREE for this very special meeting!!!! SO Please Come and learn some new techniques to build your business, Can’t wait to see you there!!!

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Building Your Dream Team As A Real Estate Investor

Putting your “dream team” in place while establishing your real estate business is one of the key steps to developing a successful real estate investing business quickly and efficiently. Your dream team is going to consist of those people or vendors who can help you find deals, provide funding, get your deals closed and then sold quickly. Having your dream team in place and being able to close deals quickly will give you a distinct advantage over your competition by allowing you to complete deals they simply won’t be able to finish in a timely manner.
The first element you need to think about is your marketing team. Your marketing dream team will include the people who can help you locate good deals, such as “bird dogs”, Realtors, mortgage brokers, promotional companies who will supply your business cards, signage, t-shirts and whatever advertising materials you need, and people who will do your direct mail campaigns for you. You also need to add to the mix the account representatives who will handle your classified and display ads in your local newspaper and shopper guides. The more you can automate this part of your business, the more deals you’ll be able to do more quickly.
Next, your dream team needs to include a title agent and/or a real estate attorney. These people are going to insure your deals close smoothly and with a clear title. A real estate attorney can help you to solve a lot of problems that can arise during a closing, such as a title glitch, a survey problem, or estate and probate issues, just to name a few. As you develop a relationship with your title agent and/or real estate attorney, they will become a major asset to your business by being better able to work one-on-one with your sellers and you to make sure all your deals close as smoothly as possible. You also need to make sure that your title agent and/or real estate attorney are bi-lingual so they will be able to work with your Spanish speaking sellers as well. This part of your team is one of the most important. If any part of a deal is going to fall apart it is going to be during the process of closing. Make sure you choose the best in the industry to close your deals from the very beginning, even if it costs a little more!

For More information on developing your dream team visit Kathy Kennebrook’s website at www.marketingmagiclady.com