Kathy Kennebrook Shows You How To Spend Time With Family While Finding Buyers For Your Properties

Kathy Kennebrook discovered early on in her real estate investing business that making time for her family despite the demands of her real estate business was going to be very important and somewhat difficult. Being a mom to two growing teens made this a real challenge on a daily basis. Kathy Kennebrook has always felt that having dinner each day as a family was an important way to stay connected, but with working on finding buyers for her real estate deals this could be really difficult. Kathy Kennebrook has very active real estate investing business and chooses to run it hands on.

Kathy decided to make a conscious effort to make the meal making process as easy as possible so she could strive to meet her family’s daily needs and develop a real estate investing business at the same time. So Kathy Kennebrook sought out solutions to assist her in providing her family with good nutritious meals that could be prepared quickly.

So one of the things that Kathy Kennebrook did since she loves to cook, was to come up with delicious recipes that were easy and nutritious, some of which she will share with you in other articles. She totally believes in the credo “quick easy meals so you can do more deals”. She also devised ways to make shopping a lot easier, quicker and more convenient, since grocery shopping is one of those chores that takes a lot of time and energy unless you plan ahead.

As you begin your real estate investing business and you start buying and selling a lot of properties, you will find that you can get really overwhelmed by responses from sellers, buyers, bookkeeping matters, closing deals, dealing with contractors and vendors and everything that goes along with running a successful real estate investing business. You always need to be careful to try to balance your business with your family life, and one way to accomplish that goal is to make sure you try to have meals together at least a few nights every week.

Kathy Kennebrook found a really wonderful company that can help you accomplish that goal and assist you with your grocery needs by providing good, quality products that are easy to prepare, and come right to your front door. In fact her groceries arrived while she was writing this article.

The company she is referring to is Omaha Steaks. They can provide you with all kinds of good food, including steak, chicken, pork, fish, veggies, and fully prepared meals and desserts. You can call your order in or simply order on-line and everything will be delivered right to your front door in a cooler with dry ice so everything maintains it’s freshness. Kathy Kennebrook has provided a link below for your convenience.

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