Strategies To Make Huge Profits With Vacant Land

One of my favorite strategies for creating profitable deals is buying, leasing and selling vacant land. No insurance no hassles. I have a special direct mail campaign that I have developed that brings me a ton of vacant land deals. For example the last direct mail campaign I sent out was 147 pieces. We got 17 responses and purchased 8 of those properties, even in our current market. I told you it was profitable.

So how do we profit from vacant land? Well for those of you who live in or near rural areas you have it made!! Let me share some of the strategies we have implemented. So one thing we do is hook up with dealers who sell mobile home or manufactured home packages. They will put my land and their home in the deal and the whole thing gets financed for the buyer and I get paid for my land. You could also do this with home builders.

We also lease vacant land. For example we lease vacant land to billboard companies. We also leased land to a canoe outpost who needed to put a shed near a boat landing where our land was located. He ended up buying that property. Another person needed space to expand a worm farm. Another company leases from us to collect pine straw. We just owner financed another piece of vacant land so a home could be built on it. I could go on and on.

Folks if you are not investing in vacant land you are missing a portion of the market place that is very profitable. For all the information you need on implementing direct mail to locate motivated sellers check out my website at As a special bonus you get ME for one full year of support by email to help you with any marketing questions you may have!!

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