Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Finding all the Bird Dogs You Need For Your Real Estate Investing Business

Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Tip # 22- Working with “Bird Dogs” in your Real Estate Investing Business-

So how are we going to find people who will find deals for us? Well first of all, look around you. Friends, relatives and co-workers are good sources of leads for you. They usually live, drive and work in different areas of town than you do and they come in contact with a lot of people that you simply won’t. So they are likely to bring you deals you would never know about otherwise.

You can also ask anyone who does deliveries to be a bird dog for you. For example, mail delivery, Fed-X or UPS delivery people are delivering packages all over your area and can tell you about vacant houses they may see. In fact, you could even give them some of your business cards to stick in the doors of vacant houses they find. Just have them write their first name on the back of the card so you can pay them something if you get a deal from it.

If you have someone who mows your lawn, cleans your home, shovels your driveway, takes care of your pool, does pest control for you, or a handy man who works for you, or a roofer these are all good sources of leads for you. You just need to make sure you pay them either by the lead they bring you or by the deal when you close. You need to negotiate this with them ahead of time, then pay them promptly when you bring you deal so they will be even more willing to work harder for you. My roofer just brought two awesome leads.

I also have a tenant who works for the local cable company, so he is all over our county on a daily basis. He is able to find us lots of leads on vacant houses and people who are getting ready to sell their homes. I also have a contact with a company that has storage units and they will contact me when they know of someone who has a home they need to sell. This is all just a matter of creating relationships with people around you who are likely to be able to scout deals for you. This is a great way to add more leads to your pipeline that you don’t have to directly market to find. For more information on all the marketing you will ever need for your real estate investing business be sure and visit my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

Kathy Kennebrook
Marketing Magic Lady