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From the Desk of Kathy Kennebrook

Pre-Paid Legal is one of the most overlooked, yet beneficial tools for the Real Estate Investor and Business Owner. There is no question that investors need quality attorneys that are available to answer unlimited questions on any subject matter, i.e., real estate questions, taxation, interpretations of laws and usury rates, just to name a few. Because I feel so strongly about Pre-Paid Legal I am offering two special bonuses (listed below) when you join today!

As a full time Real Estate Investor Pre-Paid Legal is not only an outstanding tool, but also a necessity. If you have never needed legal representation for your investing business or for yourself or any other business you may own, believe me it is just a matter of time. Owning property in this day and age can most certainly be a liability in every sense of the word. The word “Attorney” puts a certain feeling of uncertainty and fear into our very being.

Not many of us like to call an attorney for advice or help of any sort, as we know upfront, the charges we incur can be astronomical. This puts many of us in a quandary of whether we should spend the money for attorney fees or to take the risk of not having council, by doing without the cost or expense and unfortunately without the professional assistance that we might need or require. Many of you have heard of Pre-Paid Legal but really know very little about how it can help you in your business.

In many states throughout the country Pre-Paid Legal offers plans that cover many of the concerns you may have as a business owner or individual. This Rider attaches to the “Expanded Family Plan” and in combination enables the investor and his family to have the benefits that I have listed below.

1. Unlimited questions answered for business or personal matters.
2. Three letters drafted per month on behalf of your business. Unlimited calls or letters made for you and your family. * One per subject matter.
3. Up to three initial debt collection letters written per month on your behalf for your business.
4. You can have three contracts or documents up to fifteen pages in length, per month, reviewed by your provider law firm.
5. Also included with your Business Rider is unlimited small business consulting service through
6. Included in your coverage with the “Expanded Family Plan” is pre-paid trial protection that is included as part of your membership. This benefit grows each year you stay a member with Pre-Paid Legal totaling up to 335 hours by your fifth year.
7. Automobile representation for you and your family no matter where you had the accident or the ticket occurred.
8. Have your Last Will and testament and your Living Will created as part of your family plan benefits. If you already have these important documents in place then they can be updated free of charge with your membership.
9. As part of the business rider you will have consultation service for your small business. This service is provided free as part of your membership through

There are many more benefits for members of Pre-Paid Legal Services. What I have listed above encompasses some of the more significant benefits for the Real Estate Investor or business owner. For as little as 25.00 per month is there any question why an investor or business owner would not want or need this type of coverage and representation?

If you are interested in hearing more about how Pre-Paid Legal can save you and your family money and grief, then feel free to call Kathy Kennebrook at 941-792-5390. If you like what you are reading and you want to get signed up now then go to, I personally use Pre-paid legal as an integral tool in my real estate investing business and in my personal life and my membership has paid for itself over and over in the last 8 years that I have had it.

I wish each of you all the best. I am confident that you will find a tremendous asset and tool for your business in Pre-Paid Legal Services. Just go to to sign up today.

I feel so strongly about this that I am going to include 2 special bonuses absolutely FREE for you just for joining Pre-Paid Legal before August 30, 2010

Bonus Number One- Your Personal Path to Prosperity CD Set by Kathy Kennebrook Valued at $69.00. You will learn how to “Choose Your Road To Wealth”, how to manage your time more efficiently, Uncover the secrets to finding sellers no one else knows about, How to make a fortune Buying and Selling Vacant Land, How to Run Your Rental Business on auto-pilot and much more.

Bonus Number Two- Precious Profits in Precious Metals CD Set by Kathy Kennebrook Valued at $99.00. You will learn what precious metals are and why you should invest in them, Why adding precious metals to your investment portfolio is a wise choice, whether to hold precious metals long term or short term, how to quick turn precious metals, the history of precious metal investing and much more.

You will receive these two bonuses valued at $168.00 absolutely FREE when you sign up with Pre-Paid Legal today, this is my personal gift to you just for joining!!

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