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This thursday’s webinar is one you won’t want to miss. I’ll
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estate. The neat thing is she’s agreed to reveal some of her best
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This is one training you can’t afford to miss. Remember, no marketing
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New Lead Lists For The Real Estate Investor By Kathy Kennebrook

From The Desk Of Kathy Kennebrook

Due to the current real estate climate and the banking industry, you should consider adding a revenue stream that allows you to work directly with a motivated seller. The fewer people involved in the transaction, the easier your life is going to be. Short sales and foreclosures offer opportunity but they aren’t the easiest. It takes time to learn the ins and outs and develop relationships with the banks and processors. Plus you have to wait for these transactions to close. Why not add another revenue stream that will bring cash now to your pipeline of deals?

We have been working with US Lead List for a while now (since 2007) and if you haven’t tried their “Inherited Properties” list, now is the time. The new Fall list has just been released. Theirs is a very targeted direct mail list that has a quick learning curve. Lance and Terry have provided some testimonials from first time buyers that you should find interesting.
Received September 8, 2010
You guys are great! My partner and I purchased our first list (Spring 2010) from you and after the 1st mail out we got a deal!

It was a net profit of $15K and we are very excited about your lists. Terry thanks so much for sharing marketing tips on how to work the leads because it worked! I’m looking forward to buying more leads from you!

Lolita Sheriow
Received October 6, 2010
I have struck GOLD again with your list! I purchased those leads (Summer 2010) and after the first mail-out I contracted a deal! The leads are great and the letters work, thanks again Lance and Terry!

Lolita Sheriow

One more testimonial (Dave has already purchased the Fall list):
Received September 13, 2010
Your summer mailing list produced my first deal from ANY mailing list I’ve used so far. I just closed on it last Thursday- $112,500 purchase price, $33k repairs, and ARV around $200k. Although it was my second mailing, it was the first list I had in my hands the day it was released. I didn’t get my spring list from you until a month or so after it was released. Count me in for the fall lists for both of my areas.

We already started fixing up the property and hope to have it on the market by mid-October. Many thanks to you and your list service!

Dave Laub

The thing is, this is a great list that is brand new every quarter providing you with a consistent flow of leads. You are never obligated, you just buy the names you want when you want. They also limit sales in your area for your success. They provide great customer service including a private consultation with your initial purchase.

This is another avenue for finding properties at discount, so give them a call today at 866.711.1688 or visit for a free quote.

We have negotiated a group discount so remember to mention “Kathy Kennebrook” when you contact them.

Here is one more testimonial from a first time buyer that blows everything else out of the water. Read this and then contact Lance and Terry to see if you area is still available.

After doing some research on direct mail marketing for my real estate business I came across US Lead list. I spoke with Lance a number of times before actually purchasing the list, but at this point I am definitely glad I decided to give them a try. After sending out my first round of mailers I was able to get an inherited property in need of some rehab under contract for a ridiculously low price. My company intends to rehab the property and resell it and when the project is complete we should conservatively have a net profit of over $150,000. I will definitely be purchasing lead lists from these guys for a long time to come.
I’ll send you the HUD closing statements for the project when it’s complete just in case people doubt the validity of it.
Tucker Merrihew

What is amazing is that every one of these investors was a first-time buyer and US Lead List delivered! Contact them today at 866.711.1688 or visit, the Fall list is brand new and waiting for you.

Make sure to tell them Kathy Kennebrook sent you to get the special discount I have arranged for you!!