Kathy Kennebrook’s Weekly Internet Marketing Tip # 21

Marketing Tip #21 Kathy Kennebrook, the Marketing Magic lady here with your Minute Marketing Tip. Repetition and recognition is the key to all successful campaigns to expose your buyers to your message. So as internet marketers use all the resources that are available to you to get your message across to your potential buyers such as e-mail blasts, blog sites, You Tube, Twitter, Landing Pages and Facebook. The higher number of times your potential buyer sees your message the more likely they are to buy your product. Plus you are building credibility with them. Then use a tag line or a message that makes you memorable. Choose something that makes you stand out from all the rest. And then give your buyer a call to action, maybe something like “order in the next 10 hours and receive X absolutely free” Then sit back and watch the money roll in. For all the marketing information you need for your real estate investing business visit my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

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