Kathy Kennebrook Speaks at Robyn Thompson Millionaire Convention in Orlando on October 17, 2013

If you are going to be in Florida this coming week you have to come and join me at Robyn Thompson’s 6th Millionaire Mastermind Convention in Orlando Florida. This is an amazing 4 day event that will blow you away with all the great information you will learn to build your Real Estate Investing business. AND at the end of the event Robyn is even giving away a car!!!!

I will be teaching a 3 hour class on Thursday October 17th starting at 1:30 pm to show you how to find all the leads and lenders you need for your Real Estate Investing biz. I will be showing you real deals from my own business and sharing tons of great information to grow your business. This is going to be an amazing 3 hour session with me!!

Go to www.robynthompson.com and get Registered right now!!! There are still some tickets left to this amazing event. See you at the Rosen Plaza Hotel!! You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to grow your business!!!

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Creating Your Letter for Direct Mail Campaigns For Finding Motivated Sellers

Marketing Tip # 18- Formatting a Marketing Letter to Find More Sellers-
“Touch” Your Seller With “The Solution” To Their Problem. Focus On The Needs Of The Specific Seller You Are Marketing.

Keep It Simple. The Grammar doesn’t Have To Be Perfect.

Use Simple Language; Don’t Fill Your Letter With Big Words Or “Industry Jargon” That Your Seller Might Not Understand.

Use Paragraphs And Spacing So There Is A Specific Break Between Thoughts.

Begin With A Powerful Headline Or First Sentence To Grab Their Attention And Hold Their Interest.

Use A Font And Font Size That Is Easy to Read.

List the benefits to the Seller of choosing to work with you.

Use a powerful “P.S.” in your letter to get them to take action. My personal favorite is “Contact us now since we budget to purchase a certain number of homes each month”

Don’t forget to tell the seller how you would like them to contact you but give them as many options as possible.

These few little hints will help you develop a powerful direct mail campaign. If you are looking for a direct mail system already done for you be sure and visit my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com. While you are there sign up for Kathy Kennebrook’s Free Monthly Newsletter!!!

Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Tip for The Day for the Real Estate Investor

Kathy Kennebrook personally loves direct mail because it is unique in that there is no other marketing technique out there where you have the kind of control that you do with direct mail. For example;

1. You can cultivate the exact type of lead you are looking for in the
specific area or price range you are looking for.

2. You can control the number of pieces going out, when they go out,
and specifically to whom they are targeted.

3. You can create a response mechanism within the body of your
letter so that you get the specific response you want from the seller or customer.

4. It is very easy to “crank up” your mailing machine or pull it back
depending on what your personal situation or goal is.

5. You can create more solid leads using fewer of your marketing
dollars thus leaving you more dollars for other marketing you might want to do.

6. You can create a solid successful direct mail campaign even if you have a very limited budget to work with.

7. It is very easy to track the success and response rate of the direct mail campaigns you have created.

8. These mailings are very residual, potential sellers or customers
will hold on to them until they need your service.

9. You will reach prospective sellers or customers who might not
ever learn about you otherwise.